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Michele Kunigk

Michele Kunigk

Miss Kunigk has been dancing for most of her life, training in tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet and hip hop and teaching by the time she was in high school. She went on to the University of Arizona where she taught and assisted classes while studying Psychology and Dance. She performed in many mainstage shows and was also was selected to perform as a guest tap group performer in the International Jazz Dance World Congress in 2003 and taught and assisted in tap workshops while there.

Michele is starting her 9th teaching year Elizabeth's Dance Dimensions!! Her enthusiasm for dance is infectious and she's famous for the funny stories that she tells her older students during breaks between classes and combos. She's done extensive choreography for Modazz winning various top ten, high score and choreography awards.

Outside of the studio Michele is a wife and a mom of 2 beautiful kiddos and says "I love my family! I am incredibly blessed!" Her daughter Nya has been dancing at EDD for 3 years and was in Miss Marcie's Pre Pro class this year!

Miss Michele makes her classes fun, challenging, and educational for all of her students from the beginners to the more advanced students. She's excited for a new year of dance at EDD!

Michele says: "I am blessed to be a part of something so special. There are so many loving families and to be able to share my love of our craft with others is amazing. There aren't many people in the world that can say that they truly love what they do. I am blessed to be able to say just that...I love what I do! I love each student as if they were my own and enjoy seeing them grow and learn more about their ability to express themselves through movement! With all of the families and students that I have come in contact with, I have learned so much and am grateful for all the wonderful memories!"