EDD Tuition Policy

All of our classes are designed to promote creativity and positive self esteem. We are challenging to both the recreational and competitive dancer. All classes are appropriate for both boys and girls!

Our School Year program is from September to June. We only accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

EDD Dancer

Tuition: Tuition is based on STUDENT hours per week.

Annual Registration fees apply and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Tuition is due on the 25th of each month. A $15.00 late fee will be charged to your account if tuition is received after the 5th of each month.

In an effort to streamline processes and help you plan/budget for the year, tuition payments will be auto debited from your accounts on the 25th of each month. Your last payment will be due on April 25th.

No bills will be sent. Elizabeth Dance Dimensions uses an automated payment system.

We accept the following forms of payment: American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Prorated tuition is available ONLY for initial start date.

Tuition is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Hip Hop Dancers

PAYMENTS: Monthly tuition is charged by the 25th of each month. • Monthly tuition is divided into 9 equal payments based off of a 9 month session. (September-June). Payments remain the same regardless of attendance, school closures, holidays, etc.


LATE PAYMENTS: Students with a delinquent account will not be admitted in to class. All account balances that remain unpaid for a period of 90 days past their due date will be sent to collections.


MISSED CLASS POLICY: If you will be missing a class, please notify the Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions office by sending an email to elizabethsdancedm@gmail.com. This information will be noted on your account and passed on to your instructor.

If you miss a class, you are encouraged to make-up the class. Make-up class space is limited and must be scheduled ahead of time with the front desk. You may schedule only two make-up classes per month.

Make-ups must be made in a class at the same level as you are registered and cannot be scheduled within 4 weeks of a performance.

You must be currently enrolled and your account must be in good standing and up to date in order to make-up classes.

Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions does not issue refunds or prorate tuition for missed classes.


Leave of Absence: If taking a leave of absence (more than 4 weeks), tuition must be paid during the leave in order to guarantee your continued placement in classes.


Inclement Weather Makeups: Inclement weather make-ups may be scheduled in an age/level-appropriate class, or the teacher may schedule a make-up class day. Your teacher will discuss this following the unexpected closure. Please check our website, Facebook or Instagram for weather closures. Please follow and like Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions to get the most recent updates.

Pre Pro Kids

WITHDRAW FROM THE PROGRAM: Notification must be made in writing via email. • If you decide to drop a class or withdraw from Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions, you must communicate this change to the Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions Office via email to elizabethsdancedm@gmail.com AND tami.dancedm@gmail.com. This communication must be made by the 15th of the month to avoid being charged the following month’s tuition. There will be no pro-rated refunds given to students who drop mid-month. There are no refunds for registration fees, costume fees, or tuition payments. We will assume you are continuing throughout the 2018-2019 dance year unless we are notified otherwise.

Rainbow Dance Competition

DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Students with a delinquent account (unpaid after the last day of the month) will not be admitted into class.

EDD Students

Collections: All account balances unpaid for a period of 90 days/three months will be sent to collections.



REFUNDS: Elizabeth's Dance Dimensions does NOT offer full or partial refunds. One free drop-in class can be requested for any dancer per dance year.

EDD Dancer Tori

PRIVATE LESSONS: Payment of private lesson is DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. Students with delinquent private lesson account will not be allowed to have another private until payment is received. Private lesson fees vary by instructor and information is available at the studio front desk.

Recital Costumes

RECITAL COSTUMES: All students participating in recital will be responsible for a Costume Deposit of $50.00 per costume Due by December 1. Balance of costume will be due (including tax) by March 15th. Total amounts vary between $60.00 - $150.00 per costume.